Plan Child Safeguarding Membership Programme

Plan International Child Safeguarding Membership Programme

Have you taught your children to protect themselves?

Plan International believes that preventive measures are more effective in safeguarding children’s best interests. Children enjoy the right to grow up in a safe environment and it is everyone’s responsibility to protect them from any harm. To realise children’s rights at all levels of society so as to prevent them from abuse and violence, Plan International has rolled out local programmes and influencing work through evidence-based research, partnership programmes, policy advocacy, and public education in recent years. We sincerely invite you to join hands with us in safeguarding our next generations.

Members Benefits

  1. Free subscription to E-news featuring Child Safeguarding issues
  2. Entitled to join Child Safeguarding Workshop held by Plan International Hong Kong
  3. Membership discount for purchasing “We Are Children Treasure Box” storybook series, educating children the ways of protecting themselves