Child Safeguarding Work

Plan International Hong Kong is committed to building a safe environment for children to grow up. Apart from holding ourselves to account, we strive to assist other organisations in setting up their own Child Safeguarding Policy by providing training and consultancy services based on best evidence.

Local research

Understand the needs and opinions of child-related organisations and relevant stakeholders on child safeguarding


Evaluate staff’s knowledge and sensitivity on child safeguarding


Provide a set of training programs for organisations to equip staff with child safeguarding capabilities

Consultancy Service

Customise the Child Safeguarding Policy for the organisations according to their needs

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Is child abuse in organisations prevalent in Hong Kong?

At present, there is no large-scale study in Hong Kong to understand how common child abuse cases are in organisations. Therefore, we can only rely on the figures of the Child Protection Registry of the Social Welfare Department (SWD) to understand the overall situation of child abuse in Hong Kong, which may be insufficient to truly reflect the prevalence of child abuse in organisations…

Child Safeguarding Corner

Child Safeguarding—Frontline Workers Workshop

Wondering if you and your colleagues could do more on safeguarding children? A safe environment is also the best environment for learning. Let’s learn how to protect children from harm in your organisation.

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Child Safeguarding Corner

Plan International Hong Kong regularly shares articles and tips on safeguarding children in families, schools and organisations.(Chinese Version Only)