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Child Safeguarding Policy Consultancy Service

Our Child Safeguarding Advisor is working alongside with child related organisations and companies to advise, consult, and develop child safeguarding practice and culture so to safeguard children’s safety and wellbeing.

While operation varies, our advisor will assist you in tailoring a plan to suit your organisation needs, our service include:

  • Organisation child safeguarding assessments & recommendation
  • Organisation environmental review
  • Child Safeguarding Policy establishment & review
  • Develop practical tools for child safeguarding implementation
  • Case management consultancy service
  • Child safeguarding training to practitioners
    (e.g. Abuse prevention training and mitigation measures)

Please contact our Child Safeguarding Advisor Ms. Ling Lau at 3405 5326 or email [email protected] for enquiries.

I like the flow of the training, start from policy to practice, easy to difficult, with real live cases. I like that the speaker let us know the importance of child safeguarding, also the difficulties and complexity of it.

Staff of CarbonCare InnoLab

Organisations we’re serving now:

Diverse Learning Club

CarbonCare InnoLab

Dialogue in the Dark (HK) Foundation

    Plan Child Safeguarding Resources

    Plan Child Safeguarding will regularly share articles and tips on protecting children from families, schools, institutions and others.
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